Posted by Abe Quiring on Jun 14th 2019

As I was driving on highway 169 near the Twin Cities at the posted speed (60 mph), I noticed a mother duck and her ducklings on the shoulder waddling across the busy highway.  I could not believe my eyes.  Why?  Couldn't she have done it at night with less traffic?  How many accidents will she cause?  As I slowed to watch and pray that they would safely get to the other side, I noticed she never veered off her course no matter how close a vehicle came.  Her head was up and focused on her destination.  She never paused to see if her ducklings were following.  Her focus was clear and never distracted.

Do you have a clear focus?  Do you get distracted by negative self-thoughts?  Do you ever give up because you may fail?  Do you become paralyzed by what others will think?  We were meant to do great things and that is only possible when we are willing to grow.  I started running and could not make it more than two blocks without having to walk.  My mind was filled with negativity and thought of quitting.  Six weeks later I can run (some would call it a fast walk) two miles without stopping.  I repeat positive self talk with every step.  When finished I evaluate my run with specific things that went well and how I could have done better.  Simple steps that keep me focused, like the mother duck.  We were meant to do great things and removing distraction from our lives makes it possible to do them.