Around the Corner

Around the Corner

Posted by Abe Quiring on Apr 2nd 2020

I am a social creature and currently struggling with ‘Social Distancing.’ 

Zoom meetings, texts and emails just don’t do it for me; so I decided to clear my head with a run. 

I love the rush you get from working out. Maybe not so much at the beginning or middle, but definitely the last step of a 3 mile run is exhilarating for me. Earlier this week I went on a run and it was a challenge – I just did not have the giddy up to make it enjoyable. However, when I took that last step with my heart pumping out of my chest and my lungs on fire, I felt I had accomplished something. Everything ached, but I had reached my goal. 

My run typically ends with a couple blocks of walking as I head home. When I turned the corner, I saw my neighbors gathered in the front yard for happy hour (of course they were practicing social distancing). What a sight!!

If you are like me and need the human interaction, try going for a run, walk, or bike and you might just be surprised with what you find around the corner. May you continue to flourish!