Maintaining A Positive Work Culture Can Be A Challenge During These Distancing Days.

Maintaining A Positive Work Culture Can Be A Challenge During These Distancing Days.

Posted by Abe Quiring on Jan 11th 2021

Okay, stating the obvious here... 2020 was tough on everyone, both in their personal lives AND their work lives as well. Many of us are realizing that our temporary new normal is going to be around for a while. While that means a shorter commute, and it also means more online meetings, more alone time, and less actual contact with coworkers. And that can cause employees to feel isolated and can hurt morale.

Companies are finding ways to keep remote employees engaged by cultivating employee-friendly office cultures – even when workers are only connected through a wireless Internet router.

For example, during this time of distance learning and improvised home-office sharing, a company may choose to implement a Results-Only Work Policy (ROWE), which pays employees for results, not the hours they work. Face it, keeping a regular work schedule can be challenging during these distancing days.

Of course, not every company can redo its entire work structure. But that doesn't mean that they can't find less drastic ways to enhance their work culture. Here are a few ways that companies can foster a positive company culture.

• Even when workers can't gather around a conference table or lunchroom to celebrate accomplishments, managers and coworkers should still take the time to acknowledge individuals and teams with virtual kudos and maybe a small gift or award.

• Work accomplishments are one thing but don't forget those personal milestones, too. Naturally, you REALLY don't want to forget the biggies like birthdays, anniversaries, and growing families. Acknowledging employees and coworkers' personal lives will make them feel like part of your work family.

• These days, you obviously can't just pop into an office to congratulate someone on a job well done. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Send an email or a text. Or better yet, call them out in a Zoom meeting and share their good work with the whole team.

• And you don't always need a work reason to connect. Host a virtual happy hour and catch up over a cold beer or glass of wine. Heck, you won't even need a designated driver.