Gifting During Distancing Days

Gifting During Distancing Days

Oct 2nd 2020

Many, many organizations are continuing to operate in our “new normal” due to the health crisis that seems sure to linger through the year.Meetings large and small, events, conferences, and other corporate gatherings (not to mention, good ol’ water cooler conversations) are stuck on hold. This new normal can be inconvenient at best and extremely stressful at worst.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had your share of virtual meetings and get-togethers. Heck, people are even getting married virtually. And while everyone gets kudos for resourcefulness, nothing can replace face-to-face, and mask-less, smiles and laughter. Speaking of being resourceful, while it isn’t easy to personally deliver a gift these days, you can still give.

There are many gift ideas that are specially made for these distancing days.

For instance, give them something they can enjoy virtually. If you’re usually the snack-bringer for ordinary face-to-face meetings, a fun gift could be a snack-themed gift box filled with items to munch on during the virtual meeting.

Don’t forget those work-from-homers. Send a care package to let them know they're not alone and you’re thinking of them, and you appreciate their hard work and flexibility during this time.

Or maybe give their moral a little boost with an at-home happy hour!

Leave it to us, and we can ship the gifts to each virtual recipient, so they’ll get them in time for the next virtual get-together.