A Simple Way To Make Your Day Better.

A Simple Way To Make Your Day Better.

Posted by Abe Quiring on Aug 21st 2020

I was reading some articles recently, and this concept stuck with me. During these distancing days, it’s easy to focus on the bad things happening around us. You can get stuck in a negative thought rut, and sometimes it’s simply hard to climb out of it. This is a tip I try to put in practice every day (in fact, many times per day). And it absolutely makes me feel better. Here’s the best part; it couldn’t be easier!

Do something nice for someone else. Even a very small thing can be a day changer for BOTH of you. Adding positivity to someone else life can really start to make you feel better and more optimistic.

I did mention it’s simple, right? Here are a few ways to add positivity to someone’s life that you can do the moment you stop reading this blog.

  • Say or do something nice. Give them a genuine compliment, hold open a door, or shoot someone a quick email just to say hi. And you can feel better even if they don’t know you’re doing it. Try this. Let them ahead of you into your lane while driving your car.
  • Help out. It can be something as simple as advice or helping them when their hands are full.
  • Be there. Nothing is more powerful than listening. These days there is a lot to think about, worry about, and discuss. Listening to someone vent or get their frustrations out can help you both.