10 Tips To Engage Employees Working From Home.

10 Tips To Engage Employees Working From Home.

Aug 1st 2020

The new abnormal.

It may be a new normal for so many workers throughout the world but for some employees and their managers, working from home is a struggle. It's new, awkward and at times, frustrating. 

There are some things you can do to make it easier. Here are 10 ideas and 10 gifts that can help you ensure your employees know they're still an essential part of your team, are appreciated and how much you care about their safety.

Tip #1: Host a cocktail or coffee hour.

Encourage socialization over video once a week! It’s a great way to bring your employees together to engage with their co-workers. #quarantini $28

Tip #2: Create a virtual watercooler.

In the same way you’d walk over to their office or chat around the watercooler, convert those conversations to live video. Now isn’t the time to overuse email. Let them see your smiling face. The Water Cooler $28

Tip #3: Acknowledge special moments.

Whether it’s their birthday or they close another incredible deal, acknowledge them privately and publicly. We all want to be recognized and told “job well done.” Epic Birthday, Not! $28

Tip #4: Encourage downtime.

Employees working from home don’t always know when to “stop working”. Call out parameters and make sure they know its OK for them to take a break once in a while. I’m Sooo Out of the Office! $28

Tip #5: Be understanding of their family.

Kids are out of school and there aren’t day cares and summer camps for them this year. Be patient and understanding when you hear kids screaming and yelling in the background. When is School Coming Back? $28

Tip #6: Keep up with perks and amenities.

If you provided perks and amenities in the office, keep it going! Companies like ours specialize in affordable gifting that can make your employees smile. Let’s Take a Coffee Break $42

Tip #7: Keep them safe.

Provide them with PPE including masks, hand sanitizer and give them tips and ideas on how to deal with the pandemic at home. A Personal Refresh Kit $18

Tip #8: Host activities over video.

Have a time scavenger hunt, vote on who has the best work area, play a trivia - anything to get them to have a little fun and engage. Game Time! $26

Tip #9: Give them ideas for their own personal down time. 

This is a very stressful time for everyone. Give them ideas on how they can unwind and use their downtime to decompress. Listen. We All Need Bubbles, Right? $28

Tip #10: Recognize leaders.

During chaotic times, leadership should be recognized and rewarded, especially when its focused on doing the right thing for our people. Chaos Coordinator $28

Download A PDF booklet of our 10 Tips To Engage Employees Working From Home.