About Us

Qbaskets gifting program makes it easy for businesses to inspire, reward, and appreciate clients, employees,  co-workers, and partners. Our gifting programs help encourage loyalty, build your brand, celebrate special occasions, and show your appreciation. We offer a large selection of themed gifts for all occasions. Each gift is personalized with your message and branding.

Our Positive Approach Starts With “Yes!”

Yes! It’s the most positive word we know. It’s how we think at Qbaskets. Positivity drives us, guides us, and rewards us—and our clients.

We’re pleased to share the joy of our gift basket creations with everyone in your building, from the CEO to the custodial engineers and every visitor and vendor who sees or tastes our works of art.

Yes, we’re really that happy about what we do.

Our entrepreneurial spirit motivates us to pursue possibilities that benefit our partners and the communities around us. In other words, we see the great big world out there and work to make it a better place. We donate 10% of all sales to Twin Cities charities for every gift basket sold.

With years of experience working with businesses, Qbaskets has earned a reputation for professionalism, quality work, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction.

We’re not just gift basket people. We’re artists and entrepreneurs.

We’re learners, because we gain knowledge from our mistakes.

We’re achievers, because we reach our goals—and our clients’.

We’re leaders, because we’re bold thinkers and roll-up-your-sleeves do-ers.

We’re partners. Just ask our customers.

Yes, we’re really that passionate about our work. And we’re confident Qbaskets can help you with your business gifting needs that fit your budget and exceed your expectations.

Yes, yes, yes!