Losada Line

Posted by Abe Quiring on Aug 29th 2019

Losada LineWe all want our businesses, work-life, marriages and friendships to flourish.  We make extraordinary efforts to see that we succeed, however, sometimes things just don’t go our way. … read more

Undesirable Consequences

Posted by Abe Quiring on Jul 10th 2019

When I am faced with an important decision (choosing the right outfit, marketing a new line of products, setting sales goals, hiring), I like to play out all the positive and negative situations tha … read more

Wake Up

Posted by Abe Quiring on Jul 1st 2019

When I wake in the morning, I assess my aches and pains (they seem to multiply as I get older), hop out of bed, head downstairs, quickly put on my shoes and hit the pavement before I can talk myself … read more


Posted by Abe Quiring on Jun 25th 2019

Should I stay or should I go? - is the question that many of us ask ourselves when faced with a challenge.  The thought of failure paralyzes some, while invigorates others.  According to Ca … read more

Be Happy!

Posted by Abe Quiring on Jun 20th 2019

We all want the happily ever after, but are we willing to make the hard decisions to be happy?  Many of us have an image in our minds of what will make us happy: a new pair of shoes, a new car … read more